Sea Story: a nautical fairytale


Ron Dull

Other works by Ron Dull include: Mount Bellew: A Season of Hope, Go With, and Climbin’ Fences.

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Has anyone ever asked you to live in their world? Has anyone ever demanded that you live in theirs and lose yourself in the process?

With his own aging reality steadily turning white and sterile around him, an elderly sea captain who is confined to a dreary nursing home intimidates a young Jamaican artist into bringing color back into his life.

“They’ve made me blind and left me one small window,” he confides to the girl. “They’ve put me into this clean white cell and are tryin’ to suck the life out of me.” Thundering his defiance he declares, “But I used to be somebody! And I ain’t a’sailin’ away all that easy for nobody!”

“Paint me room,” he orders.

So begins the story of the final days of Captain Walter B. Roberts, who navigates a thin line on a course set between the facts and fiction of his adventurous life at sea.

Using colorful examples from a very questionable past, he belligerently berates all around him. “Can you see the world from where you be sittin’ now? Well, stand up! Don’t be a coward! Be something, or somebody, and be it well! You’ve got to live life the best way that you can, with no regrets.”

Fine. But what if you think you’re a three-hundred-year-old pirate?

Or is that just plain crazy?


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