Ron Stout is author of several books including Westward Ho! and Fireflies: God’s Lessons on the Farm. He served two tours in the Korean conflict as a US Navy officer on a destroyer and earned his BTh from LIFE Bible College. He also worked for many years as a stock broker, branch manager of an NYSE firm, and as an independent registered investment advisor. Ron and his wife, Corinne, came to Arizona in 1980. Corinne passed in 2020.

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The Anderson twins, Evelyn and Evangeline, are volleyball fans from childhood as their mother was a volleyball champion at the local college. Their parents still follow the game. In addition, the girls and their mom have become popular and semi-famous for their vocal trio, singing mostly in churches as featured vocalists for services, weddings, and funerals. These dual pathways toward fame lead to family conflict. SPIKE!! follows Evie and Vangie into early adulthood as they are close to reaching the pinnacles of success in both pathways to fame. However, momentous choices heavily influence the outcome which is never exactly as planned.


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