Jim Lindheim was a senior public relations counselor in both the United States and Europe.
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Veteran corporate crisis counselor Jonathan Keaton is one of the most respected spin doctors in the world. His vast experience, outsized personality, and wily cynicism have made him the go-to guy for companies in trouble.

But when the narcissistic founder and CEO of a large corporation is accused of sexual assault, Jonathan finds himself drawn into an assignment that his conscience warns him to avoid. It’s November 2017, and the #MeToo Movement is gaining traction. When his client refuses to settle and insists that he is innocent — envisioning himself as the man to stop false, unfair accusations against powerful figures — Jonathan’s usual bag of tricks fails to stop an escalating flow of events. A quicksand of sexual harassment, bribery, financial fraud, and a potential palace revolt soon engulfs him.

With a lively, spirited voice, this timely and compelling novel of corporate intrigue will draw you into the private world of a spin doctor who himself is spinning out of control.


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