The Alien Letters


Charles Eby lives in Chesapeake, Virginia. This is his first book. You can reach him at

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If a visitor from another planet began writing a human letters about life on earth, what would he say? How many letters would he write? What topics would he address? This book is a provocative answer to these questions.

In a style that is engaging, enlightening, and entertaining, the alien writes about topics as diverse as one’s view of God, falling in love, hardship, growing older, forgiveness, sex, one’s attitude about work, and many others. Armed with the razor-sharp scalpel of truth, the alien strips away the false, and sometimes hidden, assumptions that cloud human existence, to reveal golden nuggets of insight that are often surprising.

In The Alien Letters, clarity joins thought-provoking, mind-opening, and spirit-stretching investigation as the alien explores and even challenges aspects of human life from the perspective of an outsider. At once deadly serious and pleasantly compassionate, the alien leaves us wiser and better able to discern what is truly important in life.


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