The Antics of Leonard Raccoon


C. E. Cole and Mary Hullinger have been friends all their lives. They lived together from 2001 to 2011 in Colorado and had many pets, including dogs, cats, emus, ducks, and chickens. They also had wild deer, geese, and rabbits that would stay in their yard. One day a friend gave Mary a raccoon he had found under his house. Mary and C. E. raised Leonard Raccoon from a tiny baby till he was full grown. Then one day he left them to find his own family along the Colorado River. He will always be welcome back and loved.
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As flood waters rise, a mother raccoon drags each of her babies to safety on higher ground. They are safe and dry under a human house. But Mom raccoon soon disappears, leaving Leonard and his brothers to fend for themselves. Then a man comes to their rescue, and Leonard is adopted by a human couple. But how will he adapt to his new surroundings? This human house is very different from his den, and these human parents have a lot to learn about raccoons. One thing is certain, Mary’s love for animals is more powerful than any obstacle that may try to get in the way.

Written and illustrated with photographs by Leonard’s dad and mom, this book is sure to delight animal lovers of all ages.


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