The Architect


Nawzad Othman lives in Portland, Oregon. This is his first novel.

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Andy Sykes, the lead architect for a Los Angeles architectural firm, has been hired to design a massive building in the heart of Dubai. Renowned for his expertise in AI and cybersecurity, Andy can’t wait to begin work on the project — a community in which every component is alive, secure, and sustainable.

But Andy discovers there’s more to this job than meets the eye. Cyber Technologies Corporation, the developer of the building’s state-of-the-art security hardware, is keeping vital information from Andy about the hardware system — what it does and how it works. Radicals in the region are determined to gain control of the new hardware. And when Andy and his wife, Jennifer, become the targets of terrorists, their lives depend on whether Andy can gain access into it.

What is so special about this security hardware, and who is behind all the secrets? The Architect is filled with high-tech intrigue and interwoven schemes that will keep readers feeling gripped to the very end.


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