The Chronicles of Grace


Author Grace Simon died from a heart attack in her sleep, an aging widow with untold stories. Her niece, Sally Boalt, was the driving force behind turning her aunt’s manuscript into a book, and she also wrote the epilogue. Boalt holds a master’s degree in English and is a high school teacher.

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The Chronicles of Grace is a moving and visceral memoir penned by Grace Simon, whose heated passions and stoic determination fueled a richly complex life. A survivor of rape and a culture of misogyny, she overcomes abuse and extortion by never abandoning her sense of humor and commitment to family.

Pivotal to her story is a gripping courtroom drama where she faces years in jail for something she did not do. The upheaval starts when her first husband, Charlie, an absentee father, demands custody of their sons. Soon after, Grace is arrested for violation of a federal tax law. She brings the drama of the courtroom to life as she takes the reader along for the ride.

The Chronicles of Grace was nearly lost to eternity until it was found in a dusty attic by the deceased author’s niece. Written in guarded privacy and full of secrets known only to the author, this memoir reveals the inner life of one remarkable woman. Personal, soulful, and brutally honest, it is a voice from the grave that speaks to us all. From unimaginable heartache to an unwavering belief in love, it offers revealing insights into the power of the human spirit.


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