The Club Rules: Boys and Girls, Pubs and Clubs


Johnny Mac has been single from his late thirties to his early forties, and loving every bit of it! Being single with the confidence and freedom he has in his forties has allowed him to utilize the same social skills for the night life that he employs every day in building his own business.

Kimberly D. first discovered the intricate and involved world of pubs and clubs while studying abroad in the UK. Through her experiences in one particular pub there, she learned that she no longer needed to base her self-confidence on the amount of attention she was receiving from others. Through her clubbing experiences, she is constantly learning different techniques and better ways to handle herself to ensure a fun evening.

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Let’s be realistic. In this technology-driven era of computer communication, texting, and Facebook stalking, few remember how to interface face-to-face. The art of communication has become more Picasso than Rembrandt, and “Club Rules” are quickly fading into an era of things people used to know.

This is unfortunate and need not be! In The Club Rules: Pubs and Clubs, Boys and Girls, Authors Johnny Mac and Kimberly D. refocus us on these important rules with an updated twist from both the male and female perspective.

Whether you’re young or old, recently single or recently divorced, following the rules outlined in The Club Rules will not only help you successfully navigate through the club scene, but will also guarantee you a blast while there.


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