The Final Tipping Point


Duke Southard is a retired educator. The Final Tipping Point is book four in the Parker Havenot Series. His other books in the series include Agent for Justice, Live Free or Die, and Cracks in the Wall. He has garnered numerous awards for his novels, short stories, personal essays, and memoirs.
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Detective Parker Havenot never felt vulnerable as a lone defender of justice. He could handle the bad guys himself. But when he adopts three children and becomes a family man, his life becomes more complicated — especially when Alex Prohl, a convicted murderer set on revenge, is released after only five years in prison. This story of vengeance takes a dramatic turn when Havenot’s teenage son goes missing while on a boating excursion. Suddenly the hunter and the hunted switch roles, and another murder hangs in the balance.

Will the detective overcome his emotional involvement and think clearly enough to save the boy, or will Alex Prohl once again get away with murder?


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