The Haunting Point


Mark Fiorito is the author of Kiss of the Marlin, When Sandcastles Burn, The Run, and The Ferryman. He was a finalist in the San Diego Book Awards Association for Kiss of the Marlin. He was raised in New Jersey and now lives in Kentucky with his wife, Joan.

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Jerry Granahan, a paranormal enthusiast, receives an intriguing invitation in the mail. He convinces his friend Miller Byrne, a man dealing with his own demons, they should attend the gathering. Together they travel to an isolated Tennessee mountain town and join a small group of other attendees. It is Josiah Alden, a mysterious philanthropist, who has invited the group with a challenging proposition. Would they be willing to spend All Hallows Eve night in a local enclave reputedly haunted by the ghosts of executed Confederate soldiers? If they accept the terms of his offer and can make it through until sunrise, they will each receive equal shares of a cache of his money. Once they enter a forgotten park beside an old burial ground and darkness descends on the group, strange occurrences begin. The horrors that soon follow trap Jerry and Miller in a terrifying world of the undead that tests the limits of their sanity as they find themselves struggling to survive a nightmare they can no longer escape.


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