The Kaleidoscope Leader


Trudy Jean Evans is a leadership expert, speaker, executive coach, and trainer. She is the author of The Pied Piper Principle: Lead, and They Will Follow. Since 1998, her company, The Raven Group, Inc., has focused on helping people discover and enhance their personal leadership style, working with thousands of individuals in the areas of leadership development and management techniques. She can be reached at:

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In this practical and compelling guide, leadership expert Trudy Jean Evans introduces readers to the kaleidoscope leader—someone who embraces a multitude of leadership techniques to be successful. These leaders employ various strategies to bring out the best in themselves and others. With The Kaleidoscope Leader, you will:

  • Learn about the six styles of leadership that the kaleidoscope leader uses and how you can dial up one style over another to elicit a particular outcome
  • Discover the six beliefs of a kaleidoscope leader and how to adopt them to create a life of joy, abundance, satisfaction, and triumph
  • Explore how you can adjust to a variety of challenges to display the mannerisms necessary to help others achieve greatness
  • Understand how the circumstances you face can help you to tap into your creativity, knowledge, and wisdom, directing you to different outcomes, and how this balance shapes the well-rounded leader

Based on the philosophy that a person’s success is predicated on the success of others, The Kaleidoscope Leader teaches you how to become a leader others will want to follow.


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