The Longest Year


Stan Crader grew up in Bollinger County, Missouri. It wasn’t until he spent some time away that he realized what a special place it was. Books one and two in his Colby series include The Bridge and Paperboy.

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Like all of his friends, Tommy Thompson dreams of obtaining the ultimate ticket to freedom: a driver’s license.

Unlike all of his friends, Tommy has just turned fifteen. He’ll have to watch everybody else pass their tests before he’s old enough to take his.

But life goes on for the band of boys despite Tommy’s consuming obsession. His best friend, Booger, takes up the guitar. His buddy, Everett, dates a girl from a rival school and discovers that her classmates aren’t altogether happy about it. Longtime romantic interest, Melody, tests her newly minted driving skills on the railroad tracks. And Tommy receives an unexpected gift—one that just might make the longest year of his life go by a little quicker.

The third in Stan Crader’s Colby series, The Longest Year will bring a smile to your face as you remember the trials and tribulations of your own youth.


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