The Soul Care Birthright: A Theology of Mental Health for Ministerial Practice


C. Guy Robinson is a Christian minister, certified leadership coach, collegiate faculty instructor, and mental health theologian. He serves as pastor of the Tabernacle of the Lord Church in Baltimore, Maryland. He is a bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, where he serves locally as Maryland State Bishop, and nationally as Bishop of Mental Health Awareness. Dr. Robinson teaches courses in critical thinking, spirituality and religions, pastoral care, and biblical theology at Morgan State University and Hampton University. He is a graduate of Morgan State University, Howard University, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary with respectively earned degrees in music, theology, and ministry studies with emphases in pastoral psychology and family therapy. Guy resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

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As the postmodern world confronts a mental health crisis, therapy services providers and advocates are rising to the challenge, providing treatment, raising awareness, and reducing the stigma around seeking help. Their important contributions, however, need the collaborative leadership of the church because the crisis is not just psychological but psychospiritual. The church exists to minister in this psychospiritual leadership capacity, but, in an increasingly secular age, how can the church serve at the intersection of faith and behavioral science without compromising its orthodoxy and institutional identity?

The Soul Care Birthright outlines how church leaders can reclaim their role as healers, applying insights from evidence-based psychology while embracing a theology of mental health that acknowledges the teachings of Jesus Christ. Drawing upon his background in mental health education and theological studies, Dr. C. Guy Robinson reveals a path to reconciling both disciplines in a way that best serves those who so desperately need soul care.


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