The Total Fat Cure: Solving the Fat Trap


Laurens Maas is a board-certified, registered osteopath, homeopath, and Functional Diagnostic Medical practitioner trained in the United Kingdom and United States. He has been practicing holistic medicine since 1993 on the Caribbean island of Barbados and the United Kingdom. He is currently studying for his US doctorate in Integrated Medicine.

The gem of the Lesser Antilles, Barbados, has a disproportionately high rate of obesity amongst the local population. Laurens Maas has consulted with and treated thousands of patients using the techniques outlined in this book. Hundreds of international clients fly in from all over the world every year specifically to be treated by Laurens using state-of-the-art Functional Diagnostic Medicine (FDM), as explained in his first and second books, The Hidden Cure and Curing Diabetes [T2] in Seven Steps.

Laurens is celebrated across the Caribbean for his unique medical mind. He solves many puzzling disease cases by drawing upon the power of a holistic approach. Laurens’ treatment and diagnostic processes include conventional laboratory blood-chemistry analysis, hormone testing, terrain analysis, and microbiology and diet modification.

Creating a mega fat burn using a Functional Medicine solution, he is of the opinion that there is no need to hurt your body and mind in the quest for effective weight management.



What Is the Fat Trap?
Stressed, hungry, tired, and fat? This is the Fat Trap that causes runaway weight gain. What makes it worse is overtraining in sport/gym to stay slimmer, delaying your meals/ starving yourself, synthetic hormones, and antibiotics in processed foods. All of these factors will deplete your eight fat burning hormones.

Solve the Fat Trap with the Total Fat Cure!
If you can balance your eight fat burning hormones, eat more regularly to time, eat foods that balance blood sugar with the correct metabolic type diet for you, and, using the scientific techniques and metabolic diet outlined specifically in this book, then you will become slimmer and slimmer naturally.

In ancient times stress was associated with famine and the body would store fat to preserve energy and survive. Today stress is generally from poor lifestyle, negative emotions, parasites and allergies, yeast overgrowth, and environmental toxins…the result is weight gain. When stress overloads our bodies and mind, it causes eight major hormones to go out of balance, starting with the adrenal hormone Cortisol, which causes our blood sugar to rise and go out of balance.

This book teaches you how to test and fix your eight fat burning hormones using natural scientific techniques and guides you on how to boost your hormones with supplements and vitamins and the lifestyle changes that will correct your hormones and help you maintain an ideal weight for life.


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