Through the Door Cuentos de Casa: Stories and Poems with a Generous Sprinkle of Spanish


Flora Gamez Grateron, a Texas native, has been writing most of her life. Her work has been published in The Blue Guitar, an arts and literary magazine of the Arizona Consortium for the Arts, La Bloga, an online Floricanto out of Los Angeles speaking out on Immigration issues. Her corrido on her 101-year-old father was one of the winners at the 2010 Tucson Meet Yourself Festival. Flora has also been published in the Oasis Journal of Pima Community College. She belonged to a women’s writers’ group that published an anthology titled Our Spirit, Our Reality: Celebrating Our Stories by Las Comadres de Sowing the Seeds in 2012. She received her degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona, taught English/Language Arts in the Sunnyside Unified School District in Tucson, Arizona, and retired in 2020. She is the mother of four fabulous adult kids.

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As we go about our daily lives, we create stories, weave poems, make magical moments, at times without realizing it. Some moments in time are worth revisiting while others are better left unexplored. However, those could be the ones that need further scrutiny and may hide deeper, more important themes in life. Our stories are like peering through an old-fashioned kaleidoscope, reflecting images of bits of colored glass constantly shifting, changing, creating new designs and patterns. Our memories are kaleidoscopes. Our stories are kaleidoscopes. Our lives are kaleidoscopes. So, what’s your story? Use the prompts after each story or poem to journal your story as you make your way through life. Our journey is not yet over.


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