True Son of Tartarus


M. R. Tighe

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When Malkis of Tartarus insists upon attending the Interplanet Compact Conference being held on the planet Cytherea, Rona Scott experiences a terrifying premonition that he is in imminent danger. Soon, she receives word that his ship has been attacked and destroyed by their dreaded mortal enemies, the Gorgonians. Malkis is presumed dead.

But Rona stubbornly refuses to believe this. She enlists the aid of her friend and former CO, Richard Hughes, captain of Astrella II. Risking charges of insubordination, they search for Malkis beyond the boundaries of the known-Galaxy—acting without orders! Both Rona and Hughes are well aware of the reputation of the merciless alien beings known as “Gorgonians”—they leave no witnesses and they never take prisoners!


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