Two Letters Then Booger Den: Land of Dark Waters


Davis L. Temple

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Every once in a while a writer comes along and writes a fictional story with an honest and realistic dialogue that says that he has been there and knows those characters. Davis Temple’s Two Letters Then Booger Den is such a story. It is the sweeping tale of Lee Sample’s difficult life and his fall from the heights of Wall Street to the pits of a Mississippi prison farm. The story is tightly bound together by Lee’s obsessive search for Jenny Browne, an old love—long lost, but eventually found—held prisoner in her own home by her lunatic husband, who otherwise is believed to be a respected minister of the Lord.

The author applies strong elements of Southern writing in this fictional novel and also explores relationships between the races during the Civil Rights era and in modern prison life. Lee’s treacherous path to Jenny leads down a long and winding trail through a jungle of crime, mayhem, and murder. The luxury of the high life in New York gives way to a world that is at once filled with evil and horror. Two Letters Then Booger Den is a page-turner, and reaches its horrific climax deep within the darkest of Mississippi’s swamps—Booger Den—a land of Indian spirits, dark waters, and death. This exciting climax tops off Davis Temple’s Two Letters Then Booger Den, a fast-moving story with an ingenious plot and numerous unforgettable characters.


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