Under the Desert Skies: The Stinky, Curious, and Disgusting


Ana Lewis is a designer, artist, and author. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, and was inspired to write the Under the Desert Skies series by her love for the Sonoran Desert and her grandson’s curiosity about his surroundings.

Corinne Lewis is an artist who grew up in France and relocated to Tucson, Arizona, thirty years later. She has a bachelor’s degree in education and taught young children for thirty-seven years. She loves painting, drawing, and creating collages.

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Did you know javelinas are nearly blind or that pack rats like to collect treasures and live in pee palaces? When you read The Stinky, Curious, and Disgusting, you’ll find out all kinds of interesting and fun facts about the animals living in the Southwest.

The Stinky, Curious, and Disgusting is the first in the Under the Desert Skies book series inspired by famed children’s author and illustrator Eric Carle. Together, Ana Lewis and her sister-in-law Corinne Lewis create books with creative paper images that bring the magic and wonder of the desert Southwest to young readers. The Stinky, Curious, and Disgusting features fun stories about javelinas, western screech owls, and pack rats. The stories are based on the authors’ true experiences and will bring laughter and joy while teaching simple lessons to children.


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