Underneath It All: A Collection of Memoirs


Margaret Hatcher

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Margaret Hatcher was a wounded, wordless child who cried when her classmates made fun of her and put on a brave face for a mother who struggled with acute depression. As life presented her with new experiences, she slowly let go of her fearfulness, becoming an acclaimed educator who won numerous national awards, a national speaker, writer, and visual artist. Underneath It All: A Collection of Memoirs shows snapshots of her evolution: Flying out of a giant tree. A Long John Silver’s out-of-body experience. Rehab with an ex-Marine. Honorable closure. Throughout, Hatcher shares her deep love of the places that formed and informed her, from a small town in Texas to the top of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado and the high deserts of Arizona.

Spanning more than seven decades, Underneath It All takes us on an expedition to discover the truth of one remarkable woman’s life.


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