War Brats: Battle in the Valley of Ruins


Daniel G. Buff is an American writer, artist, and musician. He served in the US Army and the US Navy. He went on two deployments to Iraq, and he also served tours in Korea and Africa. After his military service, he attended flight school and learned to fly helicopters. Shortly after that, he studied psychology at the University of Arizona.

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Raised in the collective dystopian empire known as Paragonia, Jade rises through the ranks to become the premier spy and assassin who trains others to blindly serve their leader’s whims without question. Paragonia is a world empire that thrives on strength and total control. There is no tolerance for independent thought or even the desire for basic human dignity through religion, philosophy, and close family ties. All are outlawed, and those who show this weakness are exploited in highly elaborate public executions.

But Jade has a secret. She knows Paragonia’s dictator, Owen Fireside, is responsible for her parents’ murder. And it is this secret that inoculates her from Paragonia’s propaganda and mind-control methods.

As Jade plans to murder Fireside in retribution, she isn’t aware there are others who also know about her secret. Leaders of the Hostile resistance have been watching her for many years, hoping to turn her and use her as a spy against Paragonia. Their plans include not only overthrowing Fireside’s regime, but also destroying the Paragon elites, a highly organized network of families who keep humanity in a machine-like existence for their own purposes.

But those of the Paragon trust no one—not even their premier spy and assassin. Will Jade be caught in their web of deception to be used as a weapon of evil instead of a weapon for good? This thought-provoking thriller will keep you engrossed as the deceptive strategies of evil doers try to erase anything that gets in their way.


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