When Sandcastles Burn: A Novel


Mark Fiorito was raised in New Jersey. In addition to writing two novels, Kiss of the Marlin and The Run, he has authored several screenplays and a collection of poetry. Mark divides his time between San Diego and Louisville with his wife, Joan.

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Bobby Corso has spent the first twenty-three years of his life in a holding pattern, trapped by his father’s poor health and his mother’s neuroses. An invitation from his uncle Mickey to stay with him in Las Vegas is exactly the opportunity he needs to break away. It’s the summer of 1980, and Bobby is ready to make something of himself.

But new entanglements await him out West. A dangerous older cousin takes an interest in Bobby, leading him on a path filled with bad omens and tragic consequences. Just one hard choice may enable Bobby to free himself—if he has the courage to make it.


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