Which Road Should I Follow? Volume I: Growing up in the Country


Edwin K. Hill, EdD, a retired community college administrator, is currently pursuing a second career of artwork and writing. He lives in Arizona.

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As a young boy growing up during the late Depression, Edwin K. Hill worked hard in the farming enterprise that sustained his mother, father, two sisters, paternal grandparents, and himself. Life seemed ideal on their dryland Montana ranch until his twelfth year when he learned that his parents were divorcing. Edwin and his sisters were given a choice: live with their father in Washington State, or stay with their mother and grandparents on the ranch. They chose to stay on the ranch.

Edwin’s growing years were happy despite this break in the family unit. Life provided a wealth of new experiences and decisions. Edwin, his mother, and sisters moved to temporary housing, closer to a rural grade school. A permanent home was established in town so they could attend high school. As graduation approached an unexpected opportunity presented itself. A far-off college offered him a basketball scholarship, making it possible for him to pursue higher education. While he had a desire to continue his education, he also felt a commitment to help his grandfather on the ranch. Would he choose his dream or his perceived obligation to the family farm?


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