Wild Blue Yonder


Jack B. Rochester is author of the bestselling nonfiction books The Naked Computer and Pirates of the Digital Millennium. Wild Blue Yonder is the first volume of the Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers trilogy, followed by Madrone and Anarchy. All three are published by Wheatmark and available in print, Kindle, and Audible formats.

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Over 650 Vietnam War novels have been published, mostly dark tales from the war zone. In Wild Blue Yonder, Airman Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers goes not to Vietnam but Germany, straight into a military Catch-22. His assignment: writing stories for the Stars and Stripes newspaper that will never see print. Nate’s adventure deepens as he and his fellow troops try to understand why they’re there, the military mindset, and the massive social disruption roiling 1960’s America.

Existential, psychedelic, funny, and laced with rock ‘n’ roll, Wild Blue Yonder is the story of Nate’s quest for personal and spiritual values while trying to learn the meaning of family, friendship, and the love of the girl he left behind.


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