I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Wednesday’s Authors Academy call was one of our best ever!

Jim Best totally blew me away with his insight and his experience marketing his books.

Jim’s sold 70,000 copies to date… so he knows of what he speaks.

His closing thought was that first and foremost, your book has to be good.

Otherwise, you can’t get the power of word-of-mouth marketing working for you.

Jim’s books happen to be great—and they make great gifts!

You can check out his entire catalog here.

I recommend starting with The Shopkeeper—it’s lots of fun.

Meanwhile, you can definitely file the interview under “can’t-miss.”

But only Authors Academy members have access to the recording of this call to review on-demand.

If you’re not a member, give yourself a much-deserved early holiday gift by clicking here.

If you’re at all serious about selling copies of your book, you’d be just plain nuts to miss out on the gems Jim revealed.

This recording alone is worth the modest investment in Authors Academy membership for the entire year—guaranteed.

I’ll be reviewing it myself again and again… and again!

Happy Friday,


Grael Norton
Wheatmark, Inc.

PS: I’ll be appearing on the radio tomorrow as a guest on the program “On The Book Shelf” live from 5 – 6 PM MST. Tune in to 1030 AM KBVOI then!