How would you like to sell 1,000 copies of your book during the upcoming holiday season?

I know I would!

Next week in the Authors Academy I’ll be interviewing James D. Best, author of the Steve Dancy series of westerns including his latest, Jenny’s Revenge, scheduled for release in February.

Jim’s sold more than 70,000 copies of his books to date, which includes a few one-off titles in addition to his extremely popular westerns.

Jim published the first Steve Dancy tale, The Shopkeeper, back in 2007.

He was a complete unknown at the time, having published only one book previously. The Shopkeeper was his first work of fiction.

His book sold reasonably well at launch, but his initial sales tapered off after a bit—he’d reached the end of his existing platform.

Most authors give up at that point, figuring they’ve sold as many as they’re going to.

Not Jim. He went to work, and by the following Christmas, he’d sold nearly 1,000 copies of his book in December alone!

While that may seem like small potatoes to him now—remember, he’s sold more than 70,000 copies in total to date—at the time, it was a significant accomplishment.

After all, you can’t sell 70,000 copies without first selling 1,000!

On Wednesday, tune in to the next LIVE Authors Academy call to learn exactly how Jim sold those 1,000 copies in a single holiday season.

He’ll also bring us up to date on his current marketing mix, and how his marketing program has changed over time.

Jim will share some no-holds-barred insight into the opportunities and challenges of being an indie author.

This is one interview you don’t want to miss!

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Talk to you next week,


Grael Norton
Wheatmark, Inc.

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