If you have an unpublished Romance, Mystery & Thriller, or Science Fiction & Fantasy manuscript, Amazon wants to hear from you!

They’re running a new program called “Kindle Scout” that could result in your manuscript being published at Amazon’s expense.

Details of the program are here.

Basically, the program is a combination crowd-sourcing/rights-licensing publishing deal, where you grant Amazon exclusive rights to have beta readers review your work and vote on whether or not to publish it.

If readers give you a thumbs-up, you sign an exclusive 5-year contract to have Amazon publish your work in Kindle and in audio format.

I think it’s a cool program, particularly for folks who don’t have the means to publish their work on their own.

That said, it’s a really, really good idea to invest in a formal read by a professional editor before you release your work to the general public.

Our version of this service is called a Reader Report, and the details about it are on our website here.

Readers can tell when your work hasn’t been professionally edited… and they don’t approve!

If you have any interest at all in participating in a program like Kindle Scout, or submitting your manuscript to an agent or other industry pro, take my advice and get some professional feedback first.

You can thank me later, when readers rave about your work!

My best,


Grael Norton
Wheatmark, Inc.

PS: Not all authors want to grant the exclusive publishing rights to a single company, so this isn’t for everyone!