2014 is coming to an end.

In fact, for some folks, the year is already over.

They figure: if it ain’t done by now, it ain’t gonna get done!

I don’t agree with that philosophy, though. Not at all.

You see, while many people essentially take six weeks off between Thanksgiving and New Years, successful people recognize that this period is ripe with opportunity.

Take the example of marketing your books.

Many authors are racing to implement some tactics quickly to “get the word out” about their books, thinking that this is their best chance to generate some meaningful sales.

It’s the holidays, after all… which means people are buying things, right?

But as Jim Best discussed with me on last month’s Authors Academy call, all the work he does to generate his impressive holiday sales comes BEFORE the holidays!

(Jim’s sold more than 70,000 copies of his books to date, so he knows what he’s talking about.)

One of the things Jim relies on the most to develop and deepen his relationships with his fans is his digital platform, including his blog site.

If you commit to only one marketing activity for 2015, it should be to blog regularly to build your author platform online.

If you don’t know how to do this, or if your past efforts have failed, NOW is the perfect time to start—while everyone else is asleep at the wheel.

I invite you to register to watch my complimentary online presentation, “The One Way to Market Your Book.”

Don’t wait to make real progress on developing your career: register to watch this presentation now!

My best,


Grael Norton
Wheatmark, Inc.

PS: Do take a couple of days off to relax and reflect with your family, of course. You’ve earned it!