How important is building a brand name for an author? Very important!

Most readers don’t remember titles of books as well as they remember an author’s name or the main character of a novel. As an author writes more and more books, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember single book titles. Readers will walk into a bookstore or start searching on Amazon or Barnes & Noble for the latest book by the author’s name.

That’s what they remember. That’s why you as an author must build up your author brand if you want to sell more books.

Fiction writers may create a character that becomes very memorable. Think Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, etc., but even with memorable characters the author’s name will still be very important.

If you write nonfiction, it is even more important that you make your name as widely known as possible.

Once your name is established, any product or topic you write about will automatically get the “stamp of approval” by people who know your name. You will have built credibility and trust, which will result in more and more sales.

There are many different ways to build brand awareness as an author.

Offline you can do it with business cards, letterhead, and a mailing address.

Online you start with a website, blog, and different social media accounts.

Use the same version of your name consistently across all online platforms. If your name is Bill Jones but you sometimes go by Billy, William, Will, pick one and use only that one for your author brand. Don’t end up with, William Jones, Inc. as your email signature, and a Twitter account “Willy.”

What you’re trying to do is imprint your name in people’s minds. Staying consistent with your name no matter what social media platform you’re using, will make it easier for other people to remember you. It will narrow the time spent trying to figure out who you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and other sites when they search for you.

As an author, your name is your brand. If you leave comments on blogs, send emails or text messages, always remember to be consistent in using the same name.