Wheatmark’s publishing agreement is nonexclusive. What does it mean to you, the author?

In short it means you are not locked into an exclusive contract; you are free to cancel or publish elsewhere at the same time.

Let’s say you have been publishing your book with Wheatmark for a while, and you have an opportunity to get thousands of copies of your book printed cheaply by a different printer, say, a printer in Hong Kong or even one in the United States. You still want to keep selling your book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble using Wheatmark’s book distribution system, but you just don’t want to pass up the opportunity to get thousands of copies for a better price. The good news is that you can do both: publish your book with Wheatmark and have extra copies printed by different printers. Because our publishing contract is nonexclusive, you have the freedom to do so.

Now, what happens if, some time after you publish your book with Wheatmark, a New York publishing house calls you and they want to publish your book?

Most likely they will want you to sell your book to them in return for exclusive rights. They would want to make sure that no other publisher or printer would be able to sell or print your book. This, too, is possible when you are publishing your book with us: you can cancel the publishing agreement with us at any time.

When you hear nonexclusive, think freedom!