More and more authors, libraries, and publishers are finding creative ways to use Pinterest to draw in new readers. Even the big players like Random House and Scholastic have pin boards that are actively pinned and promoted.

This got me thinking about different board topics that authors might use to promote themselves. I decided to create a small list of topics that would give authors newly jumping onto the Pinterest platform a source of ideas.

Once I got started, I found that there were more topics than I ever dreamed of. Dozens and dozens of creative ways that authors were pinning themselves with reckless delight and abandon for book promotion. Most of these authors, libraries, or publishers have 30, 40, or 50 boards each, so I’m only including a few boards that struck me the most. Specifically, those that closely tie into book promotion.

This list then is a brief sampling to provide a springboard of ideas for your own Pinterest book promotion. And since Pinterest is all about link sharing, I am including the links to each board I found. Please feel free to add your own Pinterest author boards in the comments!

From Mandy Boles, the Well-Read Wife:

1. Books I love
2. Clothing accessories 4 book lovers
3. Beautiful library spaces
4. Cakes for book lovers

Note: Mandy has a Directory of 200 (and growing) book bloggers on Pinterest that will give you tons more ideas.

From Priscilla WarnerNew York Times bestselling author:

5. My dream writing studios

From the Watertown Public Library:

6. Fun with books
7. Literary Lingo
8. Edible books
9. Creative bookmarks

From Jennifer Weiner:

10.  Author photos
11. Judging my books by their covers

From Sarah Dessen:

12. Inspiration
13. Well said
14. What I’m reading
15. New paperback covers

From Stacy Millican:
16. Fun stuff for book lovers
17. Libraries, bookshelves and indies I adore
18. Books worth reading

From Allison’s bookmarks:

19. Time for my book reviews

That’s it for now. I end this with a list of 88 authors of Young Adult fiction on Pinterest that I am sure will spur you on with even more pinning ideas.