Here are five ways to promote your books nonstop, following the bookselling successes of Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, authors of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.

1. Believe in your book even when no one else does.

It’s always fun to look back after success and smile with satisfaction. The difficulty is keeping up that smile in the beginning when victory is nowhere in sight. Holding a mental picture in your mind of what success will look like is one of the things that Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen used to keep them going. They actually took a cover of their own book, clipped off a New York Times bestseller image from another book, and pasted it on their own book cover. This simple “magic” trick of illusion implemented strongly in their mind a vision of success.

You can do the same. Before you lose hope with your own book’s success, visualize what success would look like. Paste it not only in the mental hallways of your mind but on the walls and mirrors of your home.

2. Promote your book at every opportunity, no matter how small.

One of the ways that both Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen pursued success was to take every opportunity for promotion that presented itself. Many times they would talk on tiny radio stations out in the cornfields of Iowa or the potato acres of Idaho. Size was nice but they didn’t restrict themselves with that. They used radio extensively in the beginning and continued to use it throughout. They also came up with innovative ideas to promote books. How to sell more books was almost a daily, ongoing mantra that they practiced as a religion. It became a single driving obsession. One that cultivated in massive book sales.

3. Push your book consistently.

With the success of their first Chicken Soup for the Soul book, they quickly did a second. Then another and another; each book built upon the platform of the first and each sequential book added more and more numbers to the next book’s success. Stopping promotion was never part of the game plan. They were relentless in 24/7 book promotion.

John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, gave them a bit of advice, and that was to do five things every day to promote their books. They grabbed onto that idea and ran with it as if it were a message sent from heaven. Never a day passed in which they didn’t find five promotional things to do. Sometimes they’d do five radio interviews; sometimes it would be a combination of bookstore visits, media blasts, and anything they could think of. It didn’t have to be five major things to do but it did have to be five.

Ask yourself that question: What five things could I do every day to promote my book?

4. Team up with a book partner who is as determined for success as you are.

Having a partner in your book marketing promotion is a huge help in staying with your program. Whether this person is a spouse, a friend, or a book publisher, it can mean the difference in continuing through the slow days of building a momentum or quitting. Having a partner who not only believes in what you’re doing but also is committed to be on your team, to push through with high energy, creative thinking, and passionate implementation, will propel you over the bar to reach for the stars.

5. Continue to raise the bar for success

What happens when you reach your goal? Celebrate. Definitely. But then if you’re like Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen you’ll create a new goal that’s bigger and better. Success is the best motivator for more success.

Start of by creating a goal that is big enough to be exciting but small enough so you can reach it with concentrated effort. Don’t make your first goal impossibly difficult, or one that will take a long time to achieve. Or else if you do, make smaller goals that become stepping-stones to the big one.

Are you ready to step into the book marketing challenge? Here are three tips: Keep it fun. Keep it simple. Keep doing it over and over. If you do that, your book too can have a great chance for success.