Over the years, we’ve probably heard one statement more frequently than any other from our author clients: “I don’t want to market my book, I just want to spend my time writing.”

But as an author—and as an entrepreneur—you have a message for your audience. It’s your duty to let them hear it—and you accomplish this task through marketing.

Naturally, you may just want to write—to focus on crafting your message. You may even wish someone else would take your message to your audience. But the truth is, if you really care about your audience, you’ll want to deliver your message yourself because you are the best possible messenger. Don’t be like the mailman who landed in jail for throwing away all the mail in a dumpster instead of delivering it!

Now, suppose there was a way for you to just “sit and type all day” but still be able to connect with your audience: one by one, then dozens at a time… then hundreds, even thousands of people at once. Just by sitting and typing away, day after day…

Yes, wouldn’t it be great to have an “easy button” where, when you pressed it, you’d get to write all day, and your audience would just magically show up to read what you’ve written?

Well, there is such an “easy button” now! We call it the Authors Academy Simple Marketing System. By using the power of online search, social media, content automation, and email marketing, this comprehensive system gets you started building your online author platform and building a dedicated list of followers with an absolute minimum of fuss and zero technical knowledge. All you have to do is write!

We start with a questionnaire about your past experiences and how you really want to be known as an author. We’ll use your responses to create an in-depth positioning analysis of you and your author brand. We’ll do custom keyword research and help you develop your new author brand, including the design and branding of your new website and all your social media marketing channels.

Then we’ll create a custom branded author website that looks great not only on a desktop computer but also on phones and other mobile devices. We’ll include a lead capture form so you can build your own email list of readers. We’ll also make it easy for your visitors to share your message to their friends via social media. You’ll receive comprehensive monthly marketing training, website hosting, technical support, site maintenance, and analytics reporting as part of this system.

Next we’ll create and optimize your Amazon Author Page. Amazon is the 800-pound gorilla of online bookselling, and by optimizing their Amazon pages, Wheatmark clients and Authors Academy members have helped swarms of new readers discover their books, selling thousands of copies in the process. We’ll link up your website so that your Amazon visitors can see your latest blog posts as well, prompting them to visit your site. We’ll also make sure to add relevant keywords to your Amazon profile so that prospective customers can find you and your work, kickstarting your marketing on the most powerful bookselling site around.

We’ll also get you set up on all relevant social media channels—at the bare minimum, Facebook and Twitter—and optimize them for your best keywords.

Don’t worry, we’re not creating a major time-suck for you: you won’t even have to log in to these social media sites unless you really want to. When you post a new blog on your branded website, the link will automatically be posted on your branded Facebook author page and sent out via your branded Twitter feed as well. This automated content syndication will help you to organically grow your list of followers while at the same time driving traffic back to your site where you can capture the email addresses of your new followers.

The final and most important piece of the marketing puzzle is building your email list. This is a list of fans and prospective book buyers from whom you gain permission to market to over and over again. It’s the most important piece of the System because you own and control this contact list—not Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Amazon.

We’ll set up an email marketing system and import your existing opt-in list, if applicable. We’ll also set it up so that when you post to your blog, your list will automatically be notified of the new post.

By implementing the Simple Marketing System you’re guaranteed to distinguish yourself from the thousands of other authors publishing books this year. In fact, many established businesses don’t even have a marketing system that approaches this level of sophistication and complexity. We know this System works—it’s the exact same one that we’ve used to build our own list of nearly 30,000 contacts.

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