It used to be quite easy for someone to start a small business in a small town and make a success of it. Granted there weren’t ten million customers available for whatever they did, but there was a small group of people that were available and these people would stop by and give the new shop a try. Or at least take a peek in the window. After all, there wasn’t that much going on in the small town and you were something to look at.

Today with the Internet, every business is toted to be available to a millions of people all at once.

It’s true. It’s amazing. Millions of people.

But there’s a catch!

Just because your online business is available to millions of people doesn’t mean millions of people are going to take a look.

In fact, maybe none of them will.

There’s nothing wrong with your business perhaps, but your business itself is just one in a million and who has time to search you out?

You might start raising a hand and waving it as the visitors go passing by your website, but so are ten million other hands out there waving.

Stop trying to reach everyone. Back up and pull into a small corner of cyber space and start reaching out only to a few.

Do whatever it takes to reach ten people. Make that your goal for the whole month.

Ten people. That’s easy, right?

Contact two people a week and tell them about your website or book.

• Write a personal letter.
• Get on the phone and start a conversation.
• Write a blog post about your book.
• Offer to send a book to someone for review.
• Visit a blog and leave a comment.
• Tweet something about your book
• Pin something on Pinterest about your book

Forget about the millions of people out there. You can’t reach them all at once. You have to start small, person to person.

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