Tucson Happenings

It is that time of year again where authors, readers, and publishers take over the University of Arizona campus to celebrate books and the art of writing. March 11-12, the Tucson Festival of Books will be in full swing, and if you have never attended before then this is your year!

Since its Tucson debut in 2009, the festival has grown to one of the most notable book fairs in the nation boasting over 350 participating authors in presentations and workshops attracting a diverse range of attendees. Whether you are looking for programming for children and teens, panels by best-selling and emerging authors, culturally diverse programs, exhibitor booths or a variety of food options, there is something for everyone at the Tucson Festival of Books.

This year, Wheatmark will be a featured exhibitor with several of our own authors joining us for the weekend. If you are planning to attend, feel free to come visit us at booth 137 near the UofA student center. Below is the list of authors that will be present at our booth.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Tucson Festival of Books: Wheatmark, Booth 137

Saturday, March 11

9:30 AM               Ruth Marston

9:30 AM               Chuck Preble

10:30 AM             Rae Jacob

10:30 AM             Cheryl Sherman

11:30 AM             Stuart Harris

11:30 AM             Michelee Cabot

12:30 PM             James McNiven

12:30 PM             Mary Anne Civiok

1:30 PM                Carolyn Masters

1:30 PM                Greg Vogt

2:30 PM                Angela Bell Julien

2:30 PM                Greg Fournier

3:30 PM                Jerry Imhauser

3:30 PM                Marj Charlier

Sunday, March 12

10:30 AM             Heidi Yribar

10:30 AM             Grael Norton

11:30 AM             Julia Hilton

11:30 AM             Fred Fox

12:30 PM             Robert Kahl

1:30 PM                Barbara Jaquay

1:30 PM                Cy Vaughn

2:30 PM                Duke Southard

2:30 PM                Martha Damek