We usually don’t publish author testimonials on this book publishing blog, but this one from J Douglas Bottorff, author of many books, provides key insights into the future of the publishing industry. Here is the testimonial in its entirety:

I just received the author’s copies of my first novel, The Whisper of Pialigos, and I am extremely pleased with the quality of the final product. More than that, I couldn’t be happier with the service that Wheatmark provides. From submission to print, the company performed beautifully, flawlessly, and expediently, fulfilling everything they promise.

Working with

[my editor] was a special treat. Throughout the process, she went above and beyond her call of duty to ensure that we ended up with a truly professional product. The people that have seen this book so far comment favorably on its eye appeal and layout, two extremely important aspects that are the product of [my editor’s] professional eye. She was patient, always kind and gracious and it was a real pleasure working with her. Having been published twice before (nonfiction), I thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of being included in the publishing process.

With a 98% rejection rate in the field of traditional publishing, self-publishing now makes total sense. Several years of impersonal rejection slips from agents and publishers made me weary of what began to feel like an assault on my integrity as a writer. My resistance to self-publishing was based largely on what I considered a credibility issue. However, with a mounting stack of rejection letters, it became obvious that the only thing less credible than an unpublished writer of fiction was the manuscript that lay unread and unexposed inside my computer. Wheatmark has allowed me to bring my project out into the light of publication, to make it instantly available to virtually every person who owns a computer, and to answer the question, “What’s your book about?” by handing the person a real copy.

Having a book in hand has made it possible to be featured in a local newspaper, set up book signings, and submit the book as the center of discussion in a local book club, all within a week of the book’s availability. I am convinced that if I continued to pursue the path of traditional publication, I would never be able to enjoy the benefits of these simple pleasures. Anyone considering self-publication should do their homework on where the publishing industry is heading. You will find that Wheatmark, with all the included services they offer, is an excellent choice for birthing your writing dream.

J Douglas Bottorff