Every author would like to sell a million copies.

More authors can achieve this goal if they go about it with a realistic plan.

For instance, while you may not sell a million copies in a week or a year, there is a much stronger possibility that you might sell that many books over a longer period of time.

It’s better to make a reasonable goal that you meet and then, once it is achieved, set the bar higher for the next round. Make the first goal easy and doable. Success builds upon success. With each achieved goal you will have the knowledge and expertise, contacts and methods for raising your next level of book selling.

The first goal should be small because you will be putting in a lot of the ground work for future sales. That ground work will take more time and have a deeper learning curve as you get started. Some of the big stones you need to put into place will be creating a website, getting established with several social media outreaches and, of course, creating your first book marketing plan.

Start with a number of books that you can sell in six weeks. Perhaps it will be only 100 books. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it actually will take a lot of work to sell that many for a first-time author. Breaking down that 100 into weeks you might think that it means selling 15 books every single week. This is probably not how it will work. Your first week you might sell only one or two. The second week five and the third week 20. Each week as you put more things into place you will sell more books. The fourth week you might sell 25 and the fifth week 30! By week six if all the wheels are churning and turning you may reach that 100 book selling goal.

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