We have been discussing the Library of Congress’s role in the publication of your book. Today we will discuss the CIP data.

Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) Data

Because current cataloging data will not be available by the time your book is released, the Library of Congress provides a shortened, barebones cataloging copy to publishers so that they could print that in the book in advance. CIP data, a bibliographic record based on the subject and content of your book, allows libraries to easily catalog your book. This way when librarians receive your newly published book, there will be already enough information in the book for them, even though the Library of Congress hasn’t yet created the definitive cataloging data.

When you publish your book with Wheatmark, we can provide cataloging-in-publication data for your book and include it on the copyright page. Your CIP data will be prepared by professional catalogers.

Finally, the Library of Congress provides yet another service to authors and publishers: copyright registration. We’ll take a look at this tomorrow.