Tucson, AZ – August 16, 2017 — Wheatmark, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of A Climate Vocabulary of the Future by Herb Simmens. A reference book for all things climate change, this book creatively and engagingly helps its readers stay informed about the topic.

A Climate Vocabulary of the Future offers a compelling perspective on climate change that breaks down the formidable challenges facing our species and our planet — rising temperatures, melting glaciers, and an indifferent global populace quietly overwhelmed by the science and inconceivable consequences of inaction.

By skillfully explaining — with humor, brevity, and clarity — more than four hundred new, as well as often overlooked words and phrases, A Climate Vocabulary of the Future empowers readers with the information they need to both understand and act.

For example, readers will learn the importance of dark snow, carbon war criminals, and negative emissions, as well as the background behind deceptively humorous phrases such as frozen chicken syndrome and robin carbon hood tax. Author Herb Simmens also offers many new ideas to inspire action before it is too late to save ourselves from ourselves.

Use A Climate Vocabulary of the Future as a reference or as a creative way to learn the many dimensions of climate change. Above all, use it to acquire the words, images, ideas, and actions necessary to thrive in a world increasingly dominated by climate chaos.

For more information about the book, or to schedule an interview with the author, please call Mindy Burnett at 520-798-0888 x100 or email support@wheatmark.com.

About the Author:

Herb Simmens has been a town manager, county administrator, head of planning for the state of New Jersey, and a college instructor. He has degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton and studied at the London School of Economics. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. Visit his website at herbsimmens.com.

More About This Title:

A Climate Vocabulary of the Future, ISBN 9781627875080, will be released by Wheatmark, Inc. on August 23, 2017. The book has 226 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $11.95 and as an ebook for $8.99.

About the Publisher:

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