Tucson, AZ – August  16, 2017 — Wheatmark, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of The Last Crusader Kingdom: Dawn of a Dynasty in Twelfth-Century Cyprus by Helena P. Schrader. This is the newest historical fiction novel from award-winning author Helena Schrader.

John d’Ibelin, son of the legendary Balian, will one day defy the most powerful monarch on earth. But first he must survive his apprenticeship as squire to a man determined to build a kingdom on an island ravaged by rebellion. The Greek insurgents have already driven the Knights Templar from the island, and now stand poised to destroy Richard the Lionheart’s legacy to the Holy Land: a crusader foothold on the island of Cyprus.

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About the Author:

Helena P. Schrader is a career diplomat currently serving in Africa. She earned a PhD in History from the University of Hamburg with a ground-breaking biography of a leader of the German Resistance to Hitler. She has published numerous works of fiction and nonfiction since. Her Jerusalem Trilogy, set in the Holy Land in the late twelfth century, won eleven literary accolades. For details visit helenapschrader.com or follow her author blog: schradershistoricalfiction.blogspot.com for updates on current works in progress, recent reviews, and excerpts. For more on the crusader kingdoms and Balian d’Ibelin visit: defenderofjerusalem.com or follow her blog at: defendingcrusaderkingdoms.blogspot.com.

More About This Title:

The Last Crusader Kingdom: Dawn of a Dynasty in Twelfth-Century Cyprus, ISBN 9781627875172, will be released by Wheatmark, Inc. on August 18, 2017. The book has 410 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $18.95 and as an ebook for $4.99.

About the Publisher:

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