20 Last Little Horrors


Upon graduation from high school, D. S. Knight went to work underground. The old-timers told him many tales of the Old Country and other haunted places.

Paying for his college education by saving up from his job, he majored in psychology. Based on his work with psych patients, he learned some interesting and frightening stories that influence his work. His knowledge of the dark side of humanity is voluminous.

D. S. Knight lives in a small town in Arizona with his family and a multitude of pets.

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Death, a benevolent creature, saunters through the landscapes herein, portending little terrors that creep up on you in these microtales.

Mr. Lord, returning in “Mr. Lord Again,” addresses another generation-old evil. “The Bag” and “Career Change” demonstrate how social justice can be quick, loud, and final, making horror a force for positive.

The self-analysis in “Misdirection” makes you question the usefulness of your therapy sessions, while vampirism, freshly explained, presents itself in “Takers” and “Leave Nothing” for your edification.

Wronged innocents correcting their own personal tragedies, lifestyles unimaginable to the average adult, multiple pasts impinging on our present—all are for the amusement of some, the screams of others.



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