Benjamin Manry and the Scarlet Stone


Owen Palmiotti graduated from SUNY Maritime College in 2007 and has set foot in ports around the world sailing on his United States Coast Guard license. He currently dwells in Scarsdale, New York, teaching navigation classes at his alma mater. In his free time, he loves to write and travel. This is his third novel in The Adventures of Benjamin Manry series.

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The fate of the struggling American colonies depends on the actions of one man . . .

Time separates hero from villain and friend from foe. After an act of treason, committed at the request of King George III, Captain Arthur F. Nelson and his crew find themselves the victims of a set-up that leads them straight to the gallows.

As their death sentence is read aloud, the curse of Blood Bones is set in motion once again, transporting them several hundred years into the future.

Captain Nelson leads a group of his loyal comrades on a daunting quest to return back to 1763 to save Benjamin Manry and the remaining crew that were captured by the cutthroat Richard Highmore.

Follow Captain Nelson and his colleagues as they go under “pirate” cover in this exciting and fast-paced story. Will they succeed in the rescue of our young hero? Or will they fail in their efforts?

The fate of the future United States of America rests in Benjamin Manry’s rescue . . .


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