Boomsters: An Unexpected Adventure


David Marks used creativity and imagination to thrive in the business world until he retired at seventy. Retirement was traumatic because while he loved working, he hated not working even more. To pass the time, he began to tap notes into his iPhone about a fictional character facing the same challenges. And just like that, Boomsters was born.

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David Blazen spent fifty years comfortable in his work routine but now is retired and desperately searching for purpose in his life.

He ultimately finds it in the most unlikely of ways by becoming a self-proclaimed detective.

Travel through a labyrinth of adventure, suspense, and laugh-out-loud moments as David interacts with a captivating cast of characters and gets mixed up in multiple contentious cases less than a week on the job—including a murder he witnessed that police are calling a suicide. It’s up to him to prevent a budding turf war between Chicago’s two dirtiest crime lords, keep a corrupt candidate out of the mayor’s office, and help bring peace to a city rattled by crime and violence.

The problem is, to succeed, he must become a criminal himself.


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