DiBene’s Offer


H. William Taeusch is a professor emeritus of pediatrics at the University of California-San Francisco. His short stories have appeared in Manhattan Literary ReviewSouthern Indiana ReviewIsraeli Short Stories, and elsewhere. His first novel is Baby Doe.

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Dr. Eli Kurz is a junior Harvard professor who’s compelled to beef up his lagging research by leaving his clinical work and taking a year off in a distant lab. After months of drudgery, he makes a discovery with therapeutic promise, and the lab celebrates. So why does he soon find himself alone on a life raft in the Caribbean?  Read this. You’ll love it.

—Jeff Camhi, author of Care for the Carer

In DiBene’s Offer, we see how hard it is to carry out state-of-the-art research and care for patients at the same time. We feel Dr. Kurz’s pain that accompanies his failures, and his dreams that energize his pursuit of success. Taeusch’s writing is as sharp as a scalpel.

—Jay Koppelman, author of Identicality

DiBene’s Offer is a gripping pirate’s tale for the modern age, a fable about what happens when an ordinary man with grandiose dreams starts running with the wrong crowd and backs into a contraband-fueled nightmare. I couldn’t put it down!

—Daniel Weizmann, author of The Last Songbird

In 1994, young Dr. Eli Kurz is in over his head after he’s appointed to a coveted position as head of a major division at Harvard’s Department of Pediatrics. After a gaffe during his presentation at a major departmental review, he is “advised” by his chairperson to get up to speed on his research at a distant basic science lab or risk losing his position altogether. There he stumbles on a discovery with some clinical promise. Convinced by his rich and raffish new friend, DiBene, that he can fast track his research at a private lab on an island in the Antilles, Eli learns the lab is not as it seems, and he must find a way to save his job, his reputation, and his life.


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