JAY L. KOPPELMAN, a San Francisco Bay Area resident, is retired from a career in real estate investment and finance. He currently serves as CFO of an educational therapy clinic and has been an active participant on various philanthropic boards. In his spare time, he chases his grandkids, enjoys golf, recreational flying, and reading about science and technology. Identicality is his first novel.

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“The technological wonders in Identicality are only just out of our reach, but they have profound implications for our sense of ourselves. It’s a sense we feel as we witness thoroughly human characters grappling with the extraordinary dilemmas that animate this thrilling and thoughtful novel.”

— Maxim Shusteff, PhD, Group Leader, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

“Identicality is exhilarating! It’s a thriller that takes you to a place where ‘I is another,’ and ‘identical is actually distinct.’ I can’t wait to see the movie. It’ll put The Matrix to shame.”

—Patrick Feigelson, Author

“A book filled with surprises. Perfect for people who try to guess what will happen next — and who delight in being wrong.”

—Nancy Cahners, Commentator for Boston Globe, WGBH, and Times of Israel

“None of the characters in this fascinating novel are equipped to face the moral,  philosophical,  geopolitical, and personal issues raised by billionaire Adam Broudy’s latest discoveries. Will these be of extraordinary help or of major harm for mankind? And what if they’re stolen by those who have already sniffed their existence?”

—H. William Taeusch, MD, Professor Emeritus, UCSF, Author of Baby Doe


As Adam Braudy, a brilliant inventor-entrepreneur, lies dying following an assassination attempt, he pleads with Charlie Wood, his lifelong friend, to duplicate him using his untested human replicator. Despite deep ethical reservations, Charlie accepts the risk of spawning a Frankenstein monster and creates Adam’s replicant.

The replicant, unaware of his own replication, successfully assumes Adam’s role as husband, father, and industrialist. But then the original Adam miraculously survives. How far will Adam go to get his life back? Identicality is a riveting and thought-provoking science fiction thriller that will keep you thinking and guessing to the end — and beyond.


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