Lucifer’s Pocket


Brett Ashton is a United States Navy veteran who served as an Aviation Electronic Technician aboard the USS Kitty Hawk in the Pacific Ocean during the last years of the Cold War. Currently he is an electronics technician, musician, and author. His previous book is Vengeance: Hatred and Honor, a historical fiction novel based in World War II.

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It’s New Year’s Eve in Times Square but something is terribly wrong. Alex Marshall suddenly finds himself to be the only person moving in a sea of totally silent people. He soon discovers that the world is being manipulated by powerful overlords who control every major aspect of life. Even time itself is under their control. Having taken over the world through the use of electronic implants, these evil lords are content to kill hundreds of millions of people just because it entertains them. At any time, with or without reason, anybody could be next. Only a handful of people on earth are even aware that the world is under their control.

On the verge of an apocalyptic world war, Alex fights alongside his newly found friends in the Underground Society, struggling to overcome Lucifer’s Art of Deception and free the world from the iron-fisted rule of demented tyrants.


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