Someone To Talk To: What Really Happens in Therapy and How it Can Work for You


Joyce Houser, MA, MFT is a psychotherapist in private practice in Santa Monica, California. For more than twenty-five years she has helped people to succeed in the areas of relationships, career, addictions recovery, and the creative arts. Visit her website at:

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Someone To Talk To is a book for everyone. The author writes, “We all have an inner world of feelings and thoughts, but we are not taught the language of that inner world. Emotions are one of the most powerful drivers of our lives. Therapy is the primary space to understand emotions, a place where you can learn to express and manage them well.”

This book reveals what you will experience in therapy. It explains how therapy can help you to recover from painful situations, face challenges, and gain the courage and freedom to make changes. It will give you hope, and the promise of possibilities in love, work, and self-esteem.


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