Squall Line


Mary Anne Civiok is an artist, writer, and retired school social worker. She holds an MSW from Arizona State University and a BA in Spanish from Michigan State University. A native of Michigan, she lives with her husband in Tucson, Arizona, and enjoys water sports, dancing, and long walks. Her belief in the potential of people to overcome enormous obstacles with courage and compassion has been a driving force in her work with students and their families, as well as in her writing.

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Meghan Walcott struggles to make the high school a safer place as a new assistant principal, but when gunfire explodes into her Tucson home and every part of her life comes under attack, her very presence seems to put students at risk. Bryan James, an engineer who adores her, arranges for her secret escape to a small harbor town in northern Michigan. Forced to live in hiding, she takes solace in sailing. Soon she’s dancing across the surface of the water, her left hand holding the wind and her right leading a wet waltz through the waves.

Concert pianist, Will Ashley, has come home to complete his symphony on the windswept dunes of Lake Michigan, but finds himself haunted once again by disturbing nightmares and dark moods. When Meghan is caught in a sudden squall, he goes to her rescue — only to find himself in need of rescuing by the beautiful woman who loves Beethoven.

When Meghan’s teenage goddaughter disappears, Bryan joins in a race against time to find the missing girl, but his precarious masquerade is beginning to crumble. A dangerous love triangle reopens old wounds, forcing them to face their personal demons and a shocking truth about the past — and a deranged predator is still bent on revenge. With courage and compassion, they must fight for their lives, their friendships, and for love.


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