The Butane Gospel


Michael W. Hinkle, a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Law School, practiced in the litigation arena for twenty-five years before retiring and turning his attention to writing and traveling. A resident of Edmond, Oklahoma, his Hey Hink column appears in The Edmond Sun and at

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What really happened in Jerusalem on that fateful Passover?

When Leon Butane climbs into the cab of his semi one late January night, he never dreams that a near fatal crash will catapult him into a world of bizarre visions, unexplained miracles and religious intrigue. He wakes from a forty-day coma with an assignment from God, delivered via the famed puppet Pinocchio: discover the names of the criminals crucified with Jesus of Nazareth, or face the consequences of your past actions.

Keep your Bible handy as you accompany Leon on an adventure that twists and turns with action, humor, and love. Did the translators of the New Testament gloss over critical facts? Do these facts shed light on the crimes and betrayals lurking just below the scriptural surface? Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a shock when The DaVinci Code crashes into The Big Lebowski to produce The Butane Gospel.


“Unique, engaging, and refreshing, The Butane Gospel is a solid debut from a promising new literary talent.” — Apex Reviews

“Michael W. Hinkle weaves a story that makes readers take pause and consider what is fact and fiction, what is illusion and reality.” — The Edmond Sun

“I would definitely recommend this book to all those interested in Christianity.” — S.V. Swamy,


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