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Barbara Briggs Ward is a writer who lives in Ogdensburg, New York. She is author of the award-winning Christmas story, The Reindeer Keeper, released October 2010 and selected by both Yahoo’s Christmas Book Club and Yonkers, NY Riverfront Library Book Club as their December 2012 featured book of the month.

Barbara followed with the release of The Snowman Maker in October 2013. Her articles and short stories have appeared in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book, Christmas Magic; the Chicken Soup for the Soul book, Family Caregivers; Ladies’ Home Journal; The Crafts Report, Highlights for Children, and The Saturday Evening Post online. Her projects include creator of the Snarly Sally book series.

Barbara has been a featured author on Mountain Lake PBS in Plattsburgh, New York and at Target Book Festivals in Boston and New York. She invites you to visit

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It’s been an emotional journey for Steve having lost Abbey after thirty-some years of being happily married. With the passing of time, he thinks about moving on yet hesitates. While encouraged by those around him, Steve seeks a sign, a whisper, something mere words cannot express.

With two families coming together in celebration of a double wedding on Christmas Eve at the old farmhouse surrounded by woods and pastures and a majestic barn full of reindeer, the magic of the season demonstrates yet again anything can happen. Sleighs pulled deep into the woods by mighty horses bring loved ones to yet another place full of wonder and surprise as a gift wrapped inside a worn-out trunk full of special things left to a granddaughter by a grandmother she’d never know proves invaluable.

What sounds like violins—like harps being played and a chorus singing from somewhere amidst the pine and birch trees offer reassurance as snow angels lie in wait and eternal love spreads its wings, reaching beyond the mountain tops.

Christmas wrapped in new beginnings by old traditions makes a most astonishing season unforgettable.


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