The Ferryman


Mark Fiorito is the author of Kiss of the Marlin, When Sandcastles Burn, and The Run. He was a finalist in the San Diego Book Awards Association for Kiss of the Marlin.  He was raised in New Jersey and now lives in San Diego, California with his wife, Joan.

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Miles Ferry’s world is shattered by his dream girl’s sudden death. There is only one remedy he can think of to help ease the pain of Kate’s loss. His solution is desperate, radical, audacious, and certain to turn the whole world against him, but he is determined to act. He decides to embark on a cross-country tribute unsure if his journey will bring a sense of closure and all while being pursued by those intent on stopping him.

The Ferryman is a story about love and redemption as Miles tries to stay one step ahead of failure. If he succeeds in reaching his final destination, he may find peace within himself and the strength to love again.


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